Workshop Series: How to be German?

To promote the integration of foreign citizens living in Germany, we are excited to introduce a workshop series titled “How to be German.”
Our goal is to provide participants with key insights into understanding and adapting to the various cultural norms, traditions, and do’s and don’ts in Germany, all presented in an engaging and humorous manner. Learning, after all, can be enjoyable!
Here’s a brief overview of our workshops. For the optimal experience, we recommend attending all three. However, if that’s not feasible, each workshop can be attended individually. Join us on this journey of cultural exploration and adaptation.

Workshop I: “Surviving Germany”
With a population of 80 million, Germany showcases a vibrant cultural mosaic, featuring sustainable secondhand markets, weekends spent exploring picturesque landscapes, and historical cities. From Silent Sundays to recycling rituals, bank holidays, and supermarket etiquettes, immerse yourself in this survival guide to the German world!

Workshop II: “Unlocking Germany: Beyond Survival Tactics”
Already familiar with the basics? Dive deeper into German tactics and essential knowledge with us. Germany’s efficient society thrives on strict rule adherence. Rigorous driving license training ensures road safety, and the ARD stands as a beacon of unbiased information. Clubs and associations cater to diverse interests, fostering a sense of community and shared passion. Traditional celebrations like Oktoberfest reflect a cultural heritage celebrated through direct and efficient German expressions.

Workshop III: “How to be German”
Excel in the German workplace with professionalism, punctuality, and effective job-seeking strategies. Learn the ins and outs of tax refunds, maintain precise records, and seek professional advice for optimized returns. The Schufa credit score and comprehensive insurance coverage are pivotal for financial responsibility and stability in Germany’s welfare-oriented system.

Enhance your workshop experience by concluding with delightful German snacks, immersing participants further into the culture while fostering engaging discussions on the topics covered.

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