Alice Iuri

Art Lead Graphic Design

"Volunteering is a choice, and it's the best choice."

Anita Singh

IT Support

"The things you do for yourself disappear with your own existence. The things you do for others remain as a legacy in our society.”

Anna Hartl


"I like to meet new people from different fields and countries and gain a lot of valuable experience in the process"

Benjamin Zinke


"Everybody can make the world a little better for all people"

Berna Bekmezci


"I think it's a great idea to bring immigrants and seniors together to learn something from each other. This is something I am very happy to help with as a volunteer."

Carmen Tomé

Koordination Projektaktivitäten

Bringing people together is key to building a better community. I love being surrounded by people of different nationalities and learning about their cultures"

Chiara Ridolfi

PR & Kommunikation

"We are like trees in the forest: we grow together"

Dumtochi Ezenwa


"I love the feeling of making people feel that they are not alone in the world, that people care about other people's true joy"

Ekaterina Bashurova


"In intergenerational communication, you can always learn many useful and interesting things! Seniors share their experiences with young people, who in turn also tell them something new. Above all, I enjoy participating in the project!"

Florian Koch


"The Hello Project enriches and inspires - me personally, the participants and society as a whole. It gives me the beautiful feeling of contributing to an open, appreciative and joyful togetherness."

Fred Ting


"We can jam or build something big together! "

Giulia Vichi


"The Hello Project is the key to breaking down barriers and facilitating real integration in Germany. Thanks to this project it is easier to feel at home in Munich".

Loren Diaz Barros

People & Culture

"The opportunity to help an organization that addresses two important issues (integration and loneliness) led me to become part of Leb Bunt e.V.. It's important to make a positive impact on society like this organization does."

Marion Ritters

Team Support

Language is the means of communication. With "Hello" I want to give immigrants a good start in Munich."

Moritz Bogs


“The Hello Project brings people together and creates special encounters. I am happy to develop a great project further!”

Paula Diaz

Website Management

"Whoever performs a great service will receive a great reward."

Radhika Sudharshini Gopinath


"I wanted to spend time with seniors. They are so much fun!"

Sharmin Khan


"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

Vera Mangels


"What could be better than uniting people together and meeting new, great people and cultures in the process? I am happy to be a part of this project!"

Wing Wai, Lai


"I believe in the importance of giving. It's not just about donating, it's about making a difference."