Our first project


Das Hallo Projekt is an initiative from Munich that was created in April 2018. It promotes
intergenerational and intercultural exchange between senior citizens and immigrants and actively
helps to overcome the loneliness of both groups.

Group activities such as international cultural afternoons, walks and quiz evenings


Through our group activities, we bring both groups together to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to break down prejudice. Our activities take place after office hours, as well as on weekends, which allows working immigrants to participate as well. The activities take place only in German and in a pleasant and trusting environment, so that immigrants can use their German skills without fear of making mistakes. Here all participants support and help each other.

Tandem program in which seniors and immigrants meet one on one

We connect immigrants who want to improve their German language skills with seniors who want to meet new people and refresh their foreign language skills. For us it is very important to create sustainable, positive and personal relationships. That is why we organize a tandem program in which seniors and immigrants meet in pairs. These pairs are formed according to common interests, hobbies and place of residence.

Community events for immigrants to better integrate into the city and support each other.


The goal is for immigrants to get to know each other better, exchange tips and
information about life in Germany, and not only help each other but also make