The tradition of crafting at Christmas

Melanie Dick

Christmas is just around the corner. You can already find gingerbread, stollen, etc. in supermarkets nationwide pretty much since September. But it’s also time to start crafting and getting inspired.

Christmas can be related to buying and consuming, but there is so much you can create yourself, with your own hands. Crafting is therefore a beautiful, inspiring, and personal way to get ready for the holidays. But furthermore, it offers the perfect opportunity to act in an eco and resource-friendly way.

Here you will find a few ideas to make yourself:

Advent Calendar
The Advent calendar is an original German tradition. The presents behind the 24 doors have now been welcomed and incorporated in several countries. Of course, you can also buy the Advent calendar, but a home-made one will be an utterly unique piece.

Christmas balls and Christmas decorations
Regardless of when the Christmas tree is put up, whether it is on the 1st of Advent or on December 24th, it is always beautifully decorated. You can make the ornaments and decorations out of wood, for example, but also out of paper, salt dough or something similar. Materials from nature such as pinecones, twigs and straw are also quite popular.

Greeting cards or postcards
This is my favorite craft idea. Since I was a child, I have drawn a card for my loved ones every year, which I then hand them over personally or send via post. You can paint the motifs in the cards with colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic, etc. You can find many templates online, but you can also draw them yourself.

Gifts in general
You might also want to make your own gifts, such as candles or oils. Maybe you enjoy knitting or crochet? Your friends and family will definitely look forward to a hand-knitted scarf!

Various things that you no longer use can take on a new life. For example, you can use old newspapers or magazines as wrapping paper.

What ideas do you have for decorating or gifting? You can definitely try out some of the previous impulses, or even new suggestions.
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We look forward to seeing you and wish you lots of fun crafting!