Other countries, other customs

The most whimsical customs brews and traditions of foreign countries By Julia Schneider

As you may remember, each country has its own culture and therefore its individual customs, so they could not all be included in one blog post. Therefore, we have gathered more facts here, in a second part. So once again we get to the bottom of the phrase;other countries, other customs! So continue to be curious.

Colorful language in Malaysia
In Malaysia a completely different habit comes into play – there it is common to use words from two or more languages in the same sentence – what a muddle. Thus, terms from Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil are mixed together. Also, Malaysians eat three hot meals a day compared to one hot meal a day for Germans.

What do Mexicans say about themselves?
– “Tacos are sacred
– We like to dance a lot
– We talk a lot
– It’s really fun to hang out with us
– Here we celebrate death
– We have a lot of diverse food, a real glorious diversity #CDEFGH
– And last but not least, gossip is sacred, we love gossip”
Be honest, we could learn a thing or two from the Mexicans.
Funny saying of Mexico: ‘”Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente (The crab that falls asleep is
carried away by the current).
Netherlands – not only a country of tulips
For breakfast the Dutch eat bread with butter and spring onions – so not only all cheese and not only a
country of red roses after all. Haha 😉
Funny saying of Holland: “Nu komt de aap uit de mouw’ (Literally translated: ‘Now the monkey comes
out of the sleeve’. Meaning: you now discover the real reason for something.
Did you know that in Taiwan pregnant women should not wash their hair. Also, you should avoid putting
chopsticks in your plates. This is a bad omen which indicates a funeral service.
USA – No alcohol in public places
Perfectly normal for us: a cool after-work beer in the park or a bit of champagne before going to the
club. In other countries, however, things look very different. The American authorities are not at all
amused by alcohol in the open street. If you wander around on the sidewalk with a beer bottle, you’ll often earn horrified looks from other passersby. Alcohol in public is simply not acceptable in the USA!
We should take a leaf out of their book, don’t you think? Here in Germany, we often turn a blind eye. In addition, the Americans like it clean inside: There, we usually leave our shoes on inside in the good
Funny sayings of the USA: The Americans have many, especially in the South – one of them is “bumfuck nowhere”. It means “in never-never land.”
France – kiss right, kiss left
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling to the land of love, you may have noticed: The French have their very own greeting ritual. Usually, people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. In some regions
it’s two, but in some parts of France it can be as many as four. Quite confusing if you ask me! By the way, in France, it’s polite to arrive a little late to a (casual) meeting (10-15 minutes) so as not to disturb the host prematurely when he’s still in the process of preparing. And one more thing: On April Fool’s Day (known as “poisson d’avril” (April fish)), children joke with others by sticking a paper fish in their back. In
addition, there is a lot of pink toilet paper in France. Quite bizarre, isn’t it?- haha :-D.
Funny sayings of France:
• What kids usually say “Qui part à la chasse, perd sa place” (If you go hunting, you lose your place) (if you leave your place in a queue, you can’t get it back).
• ” Donner c’est donner, reprendre c’est voler” (to give is to give, to take back is to steal.)”” (if you give something to someone, you can’t take it back).
Of course, there are many more bizarre customs and traditions in the countries of this world – the
countries mentioned here alone have a long list of bizarre customs to show, but if we were to present them all to you, there would probably be no end in sight.
We hope that we could introduce you to the rituals of the individual countries and provide you with
some exciting first-hand facts. In addition, we can only recommend that you familiarize yourself with the
customs of your destination before you travel, so that you can spend a pleasant stay in this country without any problems. Due to the sometimes great differences in customs and traditions of different cultures, as a guest in another country you should always be prepared not to humiliate or disrespect the locals.
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