An Italian dinner in a wooden house

by Daniela Chimienti

Where a kichten is, there are a lot of exciting things happening. 

We celebrated last Monday the partnership between our Das Hallo Projekt and Über den Tellerand, with a wonderful event where the Italian cuisine was the star. More than twenty people engaged in chopping aubergines, rucola, onions, tomatoes, mozarella; in cooking pasta; in preparing delicious fruit baskets carved in melons. Pure art, pure love! 

Some of these people were Italians and Germans, but I counted about ten nationalities among all: I met Parag from India, Anara from Kyrgyzstan, Suad from Jordan, Joseph from Lebanon and people from Ukraine, Peru, Brazil, Turkey as well as Argentina. 

Munich is multicultural, everyone knows that, but when you have such a concentration of all this wonderful funky diversity in a little, cozy room – like the wooden house in Preysing street is –, well it is amazing. And fun. 

That night, you could feel good vibes everywhere, anytime. When people talked among each other into German, English and even Italian as well; when people ate; when people laughed. 

Network among organizations is powerful when it creates aggregation under the shield of integration. It makes immediately community around a common project. That night the common project was a delicious pasta alla Norma and fruit salad, thanks to Michela, our Italian professional cook. 

And without even realizing it, while you are doing this experience of doing together something, you are improving your German at the same time, you are creating new friendships, you are building an intercultural bridge to cross. 


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My name is Daniela, 100% made in Italy, based in Munich currently. I struggle every day to master German, like a dragon against dragons! I have been writing forever. In Italian first, in English then. And now, in German as well. I hope Goethe can forgive me. 

I have joined Das Hallo Projekt because they are a super cool team. Big ups to colorful multicultie enterprises! 

Daniela Chimienti